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Step 1 – Cleaning
Removing stones, metallic content, irregular grains and dust particles.

Step 2 – Dehulling

Removing the external husk and fluff to prepare the groat for processing.

Step 3 – Kilning

Providing moisture and steam treatment to ensure that oats remain unspoilt and adds a nutty flavour to the grains.

Step 4 – Cutting

Oats are cut into smaller pieces to ensure all flakes are equal in size.

Step 5 – Flaking

Cut groats are steamed, passed through rollers to be flaked, dried and packaged.

Blending (Optional)

Oats can be mixed with other grains, fruits and vegetables, etc to make a range of flavoured oats or muesli.

Integrated Packaging

Fully-integrated, automated packaging line to pack oat and muesli products as per individual requirements. Bulk Packs are available in 20 to 25kg bags and Retail Packages are available in pouches ranging from 25gms to 2Kgs. Pouches in boxes, PET jars, Tins and Cups.

Why Kilning?

Kilning is a hydrothermal treatment conducted on oats once the hull is removed. Oats have a high lipid content and the active enzymes make them susceptible to rancidity. To prevent this and better the shelf life of oats, we directly induce steam into the oats before heating them. This helps inactivate the lipase in oats, improving the shelf life of our finished flakes and giving it a ‘nutty’ flavour thus makes it a distinct Aussee product.