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About Aussee Oats

From grains to flakes and flour
We’ve perfected the art of retaining the wholesome
goodness of oats in all our offerings

We are Aussee Oats Milling Pvt. Ltd – South Asia’s largest integrated Oat Mill that aspires to be a leading player in the process of accumulation, milling, value-added processing, packaging, exporting and distribution of oats across the globe.


Committed to Quality

Through our state-of-the-art processing unit located in Sri Lanka, we offer a wide range of products that include Whole Oat Groats, Steel Cut Oat Groats, Large Flake Rolled Oats, Oat Flakes, Oat Flour and Oat Bran among others. Powered by the finest machinery and processed under the supervision of technical experts, Aussee Oats offers a supreme range of products that are unmatched in flavour, texture and nutritional value.

From Seed to Spoon

From importing raw oat grains to the process of cleaning, grading, dehulling, kilning, cutting and finally flaking – our comprehensive processing capability and wide-reaching market knowledge is ideal for large or small retailers and businesses from across the globe.


   ­To become the brand name synonymous with quality products, end-to-end processes and customized, breakthrough solutions for our local and global client base of wholesalers, retailers and food brands.


   ­ As the largest integrated millers across South Asia, we want to be the first and finest choice for global brands and retailers seeking a one stop shop solution for all their Oat and Grain requirements.

Our Values

  ­Responsibility, team work and sustainability are the core values that Aussee Oats abides by.
  ­We take complete responsibility to ensure every grain processed within our faculty is optimal in quality and taste.
  ­We function as trusted associates of our suppliers and buyers to ensure they grow together with us.
  ­We ensure that sustainability measures are taken at every step during our manufacturing process so as to reduce the environmental impact of our products.